Volume-1 Issue-1, 2018

June-Article-1 : Title: Design of Wrist Mounted Glove for Handicap [Full Article - PDF1]
June- Article-2 : Title:E-Tracking System For Municipal Solid Waste Management Using RFID Technology:[Full Article - PDF2]
Mrs. Thushara T ,Assistant professor V111 Semester, 
Department of ECE Dept. Of ECE,CIT, Ponnampet CIT, South Kodagu,  Karnataka
June-Aarticle-3 : Title:Automatic Railway Track Safety And Problem Detecting System:[Full Article – PDF3]
Mr. Naveen Pai, Assistant Professor, dept of ece,
yenepoya institute of technology thodar, mijar post, moodabidri
July-Article-4 : Title:Design Oculographic Guidance of Amaxi Using Eye Movements Condification: [Full Article - PDF4]
 Mr. Venkate gowda N Educational consultant , Mr. Ajay Pinto, Assistant professor ,
Mangalore ,Karnataka, India.
July-Article-5 : Title:Review on Home Tele Health Monitoring using Labview and Feasible Studies:[Full Article - PDF5]
Panchami Prasannakumar  Faculty of Electronics and Communication  :  panchami@mite.ac.in
Mangalore Institute of Tecnology, Mangalore,Karnataka.
July-Article-6 : Title:Dynamic behaviour of Subframe of Dump Truck Chassis :[Full Article - PDF6]
 Dr. Shanmukha Nagaraj Prof. L Ranganath Gowda   Prof. Keshav M. Department of Mechatronics Engineering ,
Department of Mechanical Engineering Acharya Institute of Tech,
July-Article-7 : Title:Design And  Manufacturing Of Injection Molding Tool For Pre-Chamber Part:[Full Article -- PDF7]
Dennison J1, Dr.Mahendra Kumar2, Mr. Gangadhar T GMasters in Tool Engineering, PG Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, SJBIT, Bengaluru
July-Article-8 : Title:Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an Secondary Fuel in 4-Stroke SI Engine: [Full -Article - PDF8]
 Balu A1, Manu Kumar D M2  Department of Mechanical Engineering   Email: balugowda.2505@gmail.com1, gowdadmk@gmail.com2
G Madegowda Institute of Technology, VTU Belgaum, Karnataka India
July-Article-9 : Title:Design And Fabrication Of Progressive Press Tool For Current Bar Component: [Full Article-PDF9]
Mr. Kantharaja N1, Dr. Mahendra Kumar2, Gangadhar T G1M. Tech Student, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 
R. V. College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India
August-Article-10 : Title:A Multilevel Transformer less Inverter : [PDF10]
Mr. Mohan A R, Assistant Professor, Cauvery Institute of Technology , Mandya ,Karnataka
Cauvery Institute of Technology , Mandya ,Karnataka
September-Article-11 : Title:Design of shared-memory Achitectured processor on Altera Fpga:[Full -Article - PDF11]
Venkategowda.N, Dr. Kurahatti.N.G.
EPCET ,bangalore.

VOLUME-2 ISSUE-1, 2019

Jan-Article-1- : Title: RF-ID BASED BOOK PICKING ROBOT:[PDF12019]
Author1 Mr. Naveena Pai G ,Author2  Mr. Harsha C J Assistant Professor ,
YIT Mangalore
Jan-Article-2- : Title:Traffic Light Controller with Fuzzy Control System:[IJERPDF2019]
Author1 : Mr . M J Prasanna Kumar, Assistant Professor ,Author2: Dr. Ravikumar G K,  Professor , Email  ID: prasannamandya@gmail.com
Dept Of  Computer Science Engineering ,BGSIT.
Jan-Article-3- : Title:A Survey On Traffic Light Control System Using Machine Learning:[IJERJANPDF2019]
 Author1: Usha C M, M.Tech Scholar, Author2: Mr. J Prasanna Kumar, Assistant Professor,Author3: Dr. Ravikumar G K, Professor, Dept Of Computer Science Engineering, BGSIT
Dept Of  Computer Science Engineering ,BGSIT.
Feb-Article-4- : Title:A Novel Data Masking Approach for Preserving Format and Size:[IJERFEBPDF2019]
 Author1:  Mr. Siddharth B K , Research Scholar, Author2:  Dr. Ravikumar G K, Professor, Dept Of Computer Science Engineering, BGSIT
Dept Of  Computer Science Engineering ,BGSIT.
Feb-Article-5- : Title:Brain Tumor Detection Using Support Vector Machine, K-Means and PCA Algorithm:[IJERP-FEB-IIPDF2019]
 Author: Dr Malini Suvarna, Professor Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering , ,  Email:Maliniatria@gmail.com
Vijaya Vittala Institute of Technology, Bengaluru
April-Article-6- : Title:Voice Controlled Wheelchair:[1IJERP-APRIL-PDF2019]
 Author: Ms. Sufiya Noori1.  T , PG Scholar, Mr. R. Paramesh ,Associate Professor Dept of CSE, 
Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru.karnataka,India. Email:sufiasoni@gmail.com
April-Article-7- : Title:Application of Steganography in Image Processing Framework:[IJERP_APRIL_PDF2019S]
 Author:Arpitha K Shetty1  A.J Institute of Engineering &Technology  ; Usha Desai2   NMAM IT, Nitte, Udupi ; Ganesh Shetty
Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management, Udupi, Karnataka, India ;Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
May-Article-8- : Title:A Survey On Intrusion Detection System in Handling Web Attacks:[IJREP2019PDF1]
 Authors:Ms. Bhavika G S , Mr.Jagadeesh Sai D ,Assistant Professor, Dept of ISE, 
Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore, India Email: Bhavika.gs1995@gmail.com
Authors:Ms. Sangeeta R, Ms. Shruthi G ,Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science & Engg , 
Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore, India Email: sangeetarreddy@gmail.com                                                                                 
May-Article-10- : Title:Survey On Recommender System and Its Cold-Start Problem :[IJERP2019PDF3]
 Authors:Ms. Veena K ,Ms. Sunitha R S ,Assistant Professor, 
Dept of ISE, Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore, India Email: veenakreddy1619@gmail.com
May-Article-9- : Title:Face Recognition Based Attendance Monitoring Using Haar-Cascade Classifier:[IJREP2019BGSITPDF_110]
 Authors:Manjunath H R ,Assistant Professor, Nithin M K, Kiran Kumar D, Prabhu K S, Prajwal M R,
Dept of CSE, BGS Institute of Technology , India Email: manjuhr19@gmail.com
May-Article-10- : Title:A Novel Approach for Disease Prediction over Big Data from Healthcare Communities Using Machine Learning:[IJREP2019BGSITPDF_111]
 Authors:Manjunath H R ,Assistant Professor, Sinchana H S, Asha B, Apeksha S L, 
Dept of CSE, BGS Institute of Technology , India Email: manjuhr19@gmail.com
May-Article-11- : Title:Secure Attribute-Based Signature Scheme with Multiple Authorities for Block chain in Electronic Health Records Systems:[IJERPSRSIT2019PDF]
 Authors: AfreenFathima, Arvind P,Kritika Ganesh Tripathi,Punith R,Santosh Kumar C, Assistant Professor, 
Dept of CSE, Sri RevanaSiddeshwara Institute of Technology Bengaluru, India Email: afreenfathima202@gmail.com
May-Article-12- : Title:E-Commerce Product Ranking Based on Artificial Neural Networks:[IJERPGAT2019PDF]
 Authors: Ms Swathi U, Dr. Kavitha C, 
Dept. of CSE, Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India      Email:swathi0495@gmail.com
May-Article-13- : Title:Study of Edge Detection and Object Tracking Methods:[IJERPAJIETPDF2019]
 Authors: Arpitha K Shetty1, Pratheksha Rai N2, Ganesh Shetty
Dept of ECE ,A J Institute of Engineering &Technology and Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management Mangaluru Email:shettyarpitha6@gmail.com
May-- Article-14 : Title:Ada-Boost and Majority Voting for credit card fraud detection:[IJERPGATB2019PDF]
Authors: Ms Bindu T, Dr. Kavitha C,
Dept. of CSE, Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India,Email:bindunavibindu@gmail.com
June-- Article-15 : Title:Prediction and classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia using more efficient  machine learning Algorithm:[IJERP_GAT_PDF2_2019]
Authors:Ms.Manasa G V Kumar, Dr. Kavitha K.S,, Dept. of CSE, Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India,Email:manasagvkumar3@gmail.com,drkavitha2015@gmail.com
June-- Article-16 : Title:Brain Tumour Detection Using MRI Image :[IJERPGAT_PDF_2019]
Authors:Ms Yogita Umesh Ligadi, Dr. Kavitha K.S,, Dept. of CSE, Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India,Email:yogitavy7@gmail.com,drkavitha2015@gmail.com
Authors:Prof. Mohamed Jebran P, Prof. Abdul saleem, Prof. Shaik Imam, Dr. B.P. Pradeep Kumar, Dept of Electronics and Communication,HKBK College of Engineering,
Bangalore,Karnataka, India,Email: jebranm.ec@hkbk.edu.in; abdulsaleem.ec@hkbk.edu.in; shaikimam.ec@hkbk.edu.in; pradi14cta@gmail.com
Authors: HUSSAIN AHMED1,  BP PRADEEP KUMAR, AFREEN SULTANA, SIMRAN SANIYA SM, ARCHANA KV5.Professors,Department of Electronics& communication Engineering, HKBK College of Engineering, Bengaluru
Dec- Article-19: Title:Crop yield Prediction for Productive Agriculture based on Machine Learning Applications in IOT and Edge computing PDFRGITU2019
Authors:Usha K P1, Assistant Prof dept ECE, Adhichunchanagiri Institute of Technology,Research Scholar,Dr. D G Anand2, Professor – Rector Research,Dept of ECE ,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology ,Bengaluru.. Email Id:  ushadeepu85@gmail.com,

VOLUME-2 ISSUE-1, 2020

Dec-jan- Article-20: Title:Solar Power Production  Prediction System  Using  IOT Nodes And Machine Learning Based On Public Weather ForecastsPFDRGITS2019
Authors:SeemaSrinivas1; Assistant prof ECE, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore Research Scholar,Dr. D G Anand2, Professor – Rector Research,Dept of ECE Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology ,Bengaluru,Email Id:  Seemasrinivas1201@gmail.com.

May-Jun- Article-20: Title:A Survey On Service Offloading In Vehicular Edge Computing [IJERPPDF2020_1]

Authors:Pallavi H S1; 2Author- K V Praveen Kumar, Professor Department of Computer Science Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore Karnataka Email id : palluchaya@gmail.com

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